Saturday, June 14, 2014

biking 'n viking(s)

 góður dagur! Yesterday was so crazy and active, so this post is one day late, but very eventful! Whale is delicious and surprisingly tastes like steak, not chicken. It is one of their delicacies along with lamb hotdogs which I've yet to try, but can't wait to. We learned many more interesting (and debatable) facts from our opinionated tour guide about the city's history and quirks like the belief in elves around the country. After our long ride through the streets and hills, we drove a little outside of town to the 2nd annual Viking festival of Reykjavik where icelandic people of all ages gathered to put on a show for tourists and residents to enjoy. There was also a market and a restaurant where we shopped for items like horns, handcrafted jewelry, and other handmade items and where we ate dinner. It was a long day and we didn't end up getting back to our hostel until bedtime, but we had to pack too because we left early this morning for the countryside.

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