Saturday, June 14, 2014

on the road

Starting out being thirty minutes late to breakfast was not a good way to start off our day of travel, but Alex, Sam, Paiton, and I were able to catch up with the group in time to hit the road at 9:30. Along the road, we stopped at many attractions Iceland has to offer, as seen above. We walked around the former center of business and social aspects of Iceland in a town called that is now very small because many volcanoes erupted around the area, so it was unsafe and everyone moved to Reykjavik. More bus stops included seeing the Gullfoss and the Geysir, two breath taking natural wonders.
 Two men were carrying around a large, orange blow-up toy wearing a bikini, which they called "the sexy thing." Their plan was to bring "the sexy thing" to different attractions around the world and photograph each trip. Today was their first day and we got to be a part of it! Look for them at Times Square on June 19th!

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