Thursday, June 19, 2014

got the peaches

These last few days have been filled with loaded lamb hot dogs, decadent ice cream, Tota's specials for dinner, hiking, sunny and cloudy skies, but thankfully little to no rain. Höfn is a small harbor town with awesome views and awesome people. During the walk from our hostel to the hot dog stand and harbor, I encountered many different scenes like a handcrafted art workshop out of a house, girls my age on their phones during their break at work, and little kids scrimmaging in soccer. The people were so friendly as usual, but word spread fast that the Texans had arrived and everyone knew we were running around taking photos of the town. Today we hiked around the base of some mountains and the beaches outside of Höfn to reach an old abandoned movie set for a failed movie of Mel Gibson's that was supposed to take place in a viking village. Along the way, we saw many sheep, but in order to capture their photos and not scare them off, we needed to maintain a square formation with no other movement. We weren't so good at this, however. In the bottom photo, Sam is jumping for joy because she loves outdoors and hiking in particular, so it was awesome to see her in her element! Tomorrow we move onto our seven hour bus ride to Akurey-rey.

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