Sunday, June 22, 2014


Yesterday and today have been our last real days for pictures, so we crammed in all the fun and adventure. Our day started out with a cold whale watching boat ride out of the Husavik Harbor filled with people of all ages gathered to see the backs of whales enjoying their summers up north. The boat was very unstable and I admit accidentally tottered into some people, but i didn't get sea sick unlike a lot of people from my group, so I was able to take pictures of the whales. In the picture, that is the Blue Whale, the largest animal in the world, with its blow hole just above the water. We saw many other whales and puffins on the boat ride. On our way back from Husavik, we stopped to see Europe's largest waterfall Dettifoss and took in its massive beauty. Today's big activity was our visit to a farm on the other side of the Akureyri Harbor for horse back riding. We trotted and galloped here and there and now it hurts to sit down, but it was fun and worth it! My horses name was Philly and he was very handsome and calm. After the horses and lunch, we split up into groups for another scavenger hunt and got to explore Akureyri. The town was very cute and had a lot to offer like coffee shops, paintball, and a bowling alley, but my favorite and most popular was the ice cream shop. A lady who worked in one of the souvenir shops and was from south Iceland told me that whenever she is up north, she always has to stop in Brynja. It definitely lived up to its recommendation and reputation.

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